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Getting Started

What is DataCue?

The best websites always shows you content relevant to your interests. This is called personalization and it's effective to increase conversion, because as a visitor you see things you care about.

DataCue personalizes your e-commerce store for each visitor to help you increase sales. This happens automatically, so you don't need to set up complicated rules or depend from a third-party to set up the experience you want to create for your users.

Get started in less than a day! Read on to find out how to personalize your store.

No account yet?

You can sign up for one at datacue.co (opens new window).

Want to sign in to the dashboard?

You can see DataCue Dashboard clicking here (opens new window). This dashboard allows you to manage the experience you create for your users, measure performance and learn from your data.

PS: You won't be able to see Dashboard completely until you do not select a DataCue Plan, thus having an active Account.

How do I add DataCue to my website?

Scroll down to the installation guide that matches your store.


Feel free to contact us (opens new window) or tweet us @DataCueCo (opens new window).

Installing DataCue

Installation Guide

DataCue can be installed on any e-commerce platform. We have integrations for the most popular platforms. If your platform doesn't have an integration, just connect to our easy to use API directly.

Select your e-commerce platform to get started.

Magento 2

Personalize your Magento 2 store by installing the DataCue extension.


Personalize your Prestashop store by installing the DataCue module.


Personalize your Shopify store by installing the DataCue app.


Personalize your WooCommerce store by installing the DataCue plugin.


Personalize your store using the DataCue recommendations API. Basic coding skills required.

Using DataCue

Learn about the different features DataCue offers and how to get the best out of them.

User Guide


The banners of your store can automatically change to match your user's interest. Being the most prominent area of your Home, showing relevant banners can lead to less bounce rate and more time of navigation in your store.


Recommend relevant products for each one of your visits in different pages of your website. Increase the value of your sales by cross-selling and upselling, automatically.


Let your user know about important changes in price or stock of the products they've seen. Create urgency when needed, without distracting with invasive Pop-ups.