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Getting Started

What is DataCue?

Check our website to see how DataCue can work for you!

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You can sign up for one at datacue.co.

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Go to the dashboard clicking here.

How do I add DataCue to my website?

Click on the platform guide that matches your store.


Feel free to contact us or tweet us @DataCueCo.

E-Commerce Platforms

Right now DataCue can be installed in one of two ways: inside a Shopify store as an app or in a custom e-commerce store using DataCue's API. Click on your e-commerce platform to get started.


Learn how to personalize your Shopify store with the DataCue app.


Learn how to personalize your store using the DataCue API.

DataCue Dashboard

Dashboard basics

Some basic tips for the dashboard.

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Sales performance of your e-commerce store.

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DataCue's recommendations performance for your e-commerce store.

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How to manage email campaigns.

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How to manage you banners.

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