Test Mode

What is test mode?

When you insert recommendations to your store, they are enabled with a default look and feel. Most of the time, you'll want to make some adjustments to align the design with your existing theme. This is done using CSS and is easy to do.

The issue is, you don't want to be experimenting with the design on your live site!

Test mode to the rescue. With test mode, you can define a set of customer accounts on your store that can see DataCue's recommendations. To everyone else, DataCue will remain hidden. This lets you play with the design as much as you like without affecting your site.

Once everything looks good - turn it OFF and let the world see your handiwork.

Set DataCue to Test Mode

It's easy to set DataCue to 'Test Mode':

  1. Click here (opens new window) to log in to your dashboard.

  2. Once logged in, click on Settings on the top right corner

  3. Click on the Developer tab

  4. Turn test mode on

    Test mode

  5. In the box type the email addresses of everyone who should see DataCue recommendations.

    Test mode

  6. Save it

Working in Test Mode

Once test mode is enabled, launch your website in another window and you'll see that the recommendations have disappeared. Great!

Login as one of the accounts you selected above, and voila... they're back.


If you're nervous, launch your site in incognito / private browsing. This is what a regular visitor would see, and you shouldn't see any DataCue recommendations.

At this point, you can start modifying the CSS as you like without worrying about breaking things for your visitors.

When you're done - just repeat the above steps on your DataCue dashboard and turn OFF test mode.