Other stores

Integrating DataCue with your custom built store is easy because it's an API at heart.

Broadly speaking, there are two things you need to do to enable DataCue on your store.

1. Backend data

Send us your customers, products and orders. We use this data to understand the purchasing behaviour on your store and build recommendations for existing customers and new ones.

2. Show recommendations

This part requires installing our JavaScript library which does two things. Firstly, it tells us the activities each visitor is doing. Secondly, it uses this information to show personalized content like banners and products on your website.

Both the above are easy to implement because we have libraries and sample code in the most popular programming languages.

To get you started, point your developer to our Developer Documentation (opens new window).

Please contact us (opens new window) if you have any questions/doubts and we'd be glad to help.