Product Recommendations

Product recommendations are one of the most important components of personalisation. Show each visitor the products they're most interested in is a very effective

DataCue makes relevant suggestions and increases the probability of purchase by analysing the visitor's activity.

Recommendation Types

DataCue offers 6 product recommendation sections across two major types.

  1. Personalized sections are tailored to the visitor previous purchases and browsing behaviour.
  2. Content based recommendations consider where the visitor is. This could be a product page or a category/collection page.

Personalized recommendations

We create personalised recommendations based on the browsing behaviour of your visitors on your website.

Personalized selection of products based on the past visitor's activities and purchases. The selection updates immediately on every action the visitor does. If this is a new visitor, we will show the most popular products as we have no prior history about them.

This section can be placed on any page except the product page.

2. Dynamic categories

Most home pages feature a section for top selling categories. With DataCue, you can make this personalized. Each visitor will see different features categories based on what they're interested in.

This section is only available on the home page.

3. Recently viewed

A personalized list of products the visitor has recently viewed. This section only appears if the user has viewed at least one product.

Content based recommendations

These recommendations are based on recent user visits and are updated daily.

4. Top Products (Category page)

Show the most popular products from the current category to help visitors quickly find a product that catches their interest. This list is updated every day so you know your visitors are seeing the most updated selections.

Show the products that your customers like to buy along with the featured product. This helps visitors to your product page understand what other products you have that goes well with it.

6. Similar Products (Product page)

Show the products that are similar to the featured product based on category, description and title. When a visitor is unsure about a product, it helps to show other products that are similar to maintain their browsing interest.

Setup your product recommendations

OK, so you've followed our installation guide (opens new window) and product recommendations are showing up on your store. Great!

Let's customize them, we offer quite a few customization options to help you get the most out of your product recommendation sections.

Here's a quick rundown of each option and what it does.

Activate recommendations position and set a title

This section lets you activate the recommendation sections you want, on which pages they show up in and what their title should be.

Please note that you must install the necessary code from the installation guide in each page you want to see product recommendations in. We'll add a warning here if we don't detect the code (we like being helpful like that).

Choose from a grid or slider view for your product recommendations. If you ask us, we're biased toward the grid layout. They're mobile friendly and don't require any additional Javascript to show up correctly which is great to keep your site speed snappy.

Grid layouts can occupy multiple rows of your site, since no product is 'out of sight'.

Sliders ALWAYS occupy a single row. Any product that doesn't fit in the window width can be accesssed by scrolling using the arrow buttons on each side.

Still unsure? Try switching between the two! the change is instantaneous and you can decide for yourself which one you like most.

Number of products in each section

Self explanatory, you can decide the maximum number of products to show in a recommendation section.

Hide out of stock products

Out of stock products are usually hidden from our recommendations. If you prefer showing them, turn this option off.

Prioritise discounts

The order of how products appear on our recommendations are deliberate. We order them by the degree of confidence of their relevance to the user/content.

If you're having a sales event, you may want to override this to prioritize discounted products.

Match your product recommendations design to your theme

We highly recommend you spend some time on this section. The default look/feel of your recommendations will not fit your theme exactly. The good news is you don't need to know any CSS/coding to fix this.

Use the controls here to adjust the style (font size, style, colors etc) of every part of the recommendation section to your satisfaction.

Check your results

Monitor how your product recommendations are doing from your dashboard. From the summary page, you can see some high level statistics. For more specific statistics, click on 'Products' from the sidebar.