Product Recommendations

Product recommendations are one of the most important components of personalization. This is especially true when you have hundreds of products. At that scale, it's impossible to introduce your visitor to everything you sell. Instead, you need to filter and curate what you show your visitors so they can make a decision faster.

Recommendation Types

DataCue supports 4 types of product recommendations explained below.

Visitor based recommendations

Visitor based recommendations take into account the visitor's actions to decide what to show.

A list of products based on the visitor's activities and past purchases. The list updates immediately on every action the visitor takes. If this is a new visitor, we show the most popular products in your store.

This can be placed on any page EXCEPT the product page.

Recently Viewed

All the products the visitor has recently viewed in the past. If the visitor is new, this carousel does not appear.

Can be placed on any page.

Product based recommendations

Appears only on the product page.

We show a list of all products related to the currently viewed product based on your customers purchasing habits. For instance, if product A is bought frequently with product B, G and F - you will see B,G and F on this list.

Similar to current product

Appears only on the product page.

We look at the words used in the description, the product title and categories to find products similar to the currently viewed product. This list will not contain any cross sells and is useful if you have many products that are similar.